Delivering for you in tough times

We have been through some tough times together: economic turmoil, terror on our streets, and now the pandemic. Yet ours is a story of ambition, of struggle against the odds, and of people determined to do well for themselves and their families. We’ve survived wars, we’ve seen our town double in size, we’ve lived through some of the toughest things imaginable, and come out stronger.

That strength comes from our people, and the institutions we shape around us. There’s a spirit of solidarity and community wired into Warrington that you don’t see everywhere. As we saw during the pandemic, Warrington people look out for one another. We are a place that often sets the standard for the rest of the country. Ours is a town with an extraordinary capacity to meet the sternest of challenges, and to not just match other places but show them the way. We are proud of our past and our heritage, but we are always thinking about how to make things better in the future – a future still to be written.

As Warrington Labour we reflect the people of Warrington’s values and instincts, their priorities and ambitions. We listen. We act. Where elected, we fight hard for local people. We know our communities. We understand how tough things can be sometimes, and the sacrifices people have to make. We have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the young people desperate for a job, with the young families in need of a decent home, with people anxious about their future, or even worried about how to put food on the table. We are on your side. We get it.

Every day we educate our young people, we care for our elderly, we run local buses, we empty your bins, we provide libraries, leisure centres, parks and playgrounds, we light the streets at night. From cradle to grave, the council is there for you. And during the pandemic, we have stepped in to keep people healthy and to beat the virus. It’s Warrington’s Labour council that has underpinned all of the support for people during the pandemic, and it’s the council which worked to keep our local economy going.

But we see our role as more than providing quality, efficient public services, vital though that is. Unlike Conservative-run councils, who seem to know the price of everything but the value of nothing, we understand the role of Warrington council in making our town a better place for all, and in shaping the future, not just for a fortunate few, but for everyone, no matter where you live or what you do. Unlike the Conservatives, we never talk our town down. Warrington Labour turns places into neighbourhoods, and neighbourhoods into communities. Safe. Clean. Vibrant. Green. That’s what makes us different.

On your side
in tough times,
for you.